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Short Synopsis of "The Golden Penguin"


Lyma -    young Princess of the Ice kingdom (Soprano)

Alris -    A young artist from the country of Eternal Spring (friend of Loommi) (Baritone)

Guria -    The witch guardian of Lyma (Soprano)

Bear Freen -    Commander of the Eagle army (Bass)

King Iceberg -    Dying ruler of the Ice Kingdom (Actor)

Paraseta -    Magician and Astrologer  (Actor)

Loommi -    A Golden Penguin (Dancer)

Eagles, Butterflies, Snowdrops, Flowers -    Ballet


(The Kingdom of ice)

Guria the witch, and her eagles introduce us to the kingdom of Ice, where cold and cruelty rule, and warmth and friendship are forbidden.

Magician Paraseta reminds her that it is the birthday of Lyma the Princess of The Ice Kingdom. 

                                                                                           Act 2 (Scene one)


Princess Lyma is singing a lullaby to a snowbaby doll. She feels very lonely, because she can't find any friends in the cruel Kingdom of

Ice, where King Iceberg has frozen all kind hearts. Paraseta gives her a birthday present, dancing flowers in a magic box. But even this

does not please her and she throws them out. Aside, Paraseta prophesies that there will soon be important changes in the Ice Kingdom.

He has read it in the stars.            

Scene two


Lyma's guardian , Guria, comes to sing a birthday song to Lyma (When she was a young witch Guria fancied herself as an opera singer!).

But Lyma is not interested. Then Bear Freen appears with his gift - an Icy Cake. But Lyma is only interest in one special present ; she wants

a friend. She has heard that Golden Penguins make good friends. She imperiously orders Commander Freen and his devoted Eagles

to bring her a Golden Penguin from the land of Eternal Spring.

Scene three

   (Country of Eternal Spring)

Alris is painting, singing and dancing happily with his friend Loommi, a Golden Penguin. The butterflies are trying to teach Loommi to fly ,

but he prefers to play his flute. Everyone is happy and content. Suddenly Freen and his eagles appear and everything changes. They kidnap

Loommi and beat Alris , who is trying to save his friend. When Freen has left with Loommi , Alris swears that he will rescue his dear friend..

Act 2 (Scene one)

(The Ice Kingdom)


King Iceberg is dying - he is melting away. Guria tries to persuade him to change his will to make her queen instead of Princess Lyma.

She does not succeed, but the King says in order to be crowned Queen, Lyma must marry. Guria suggests that Lyma should marry Bear

Freen and the King agrees. He melts away. 

Freen returns with the Golden Penguin and shows him to Guria. She sends him to get ready for his wedding to Princess Lyma. Guria

starts to make a snow storm and creates a poison drink for Lyma. She decides to kill Lyma and become Queen herself. Penguin Loommi

sitting quietly unnoticed  witnesses the crafty plans of Guria. 

Alris arrives in search of Loommi. He is looking for somewhere he can shelter from the terrible cold. Suddenly he sees Lyma at her window.

She notices Alris and comes down to talk to him. Alris tells the Princess about his warm country and about his lost friend. Eventually

they become friends. Lyma wants to help him, but right now Guria is calling, so Alris hides away to wait for Lyma.

Guria came and announces the latest news; Lyma must marry Freen. Freen presents Lyma with the Golden Penguin. Lyma is left with

Loommi to get ready for the wedding. She realizes that Loommi will die if he stays in the Ice Kingdom, so she wants to help him to escape.

She sends him to fly away from the Ice kingdom, but Loommi after a while comes back to Lyma.

                                                                                               Scene two

                                                                                 (The hall of the ice Palace)

Paraseta is watching the preparations for the wedding ceremony. He has a strange felling that something special is about to happen.

Suddenly he finds Alris, hiding in the corner. Alris has told Paraseta his story. The magician realizes that Alris is the boy who was

foretold in the prophecy, who will transform the Country of Ice into the Country of Eternal Spring. He gives Alris a magic mirror and tells him

how to use it to defeat the evils of the Ice Kingdom. Alris must be patient and stay silent and hidden until Paraseta gives the signal.

No matter what happens, he must not be discovered before the time is right. 

                                                                                              Scene three

Lyma and Loommi enter looking for Alris, scared that the Eagles have found him. Lyma feels very sad and lost and realizes how much she

has grown to love Alris.


                                                                                                                                                             Scene four


The wedding ceremony starts . Guria needs to present Lyma with the crown . But before that she gives her poison drink to Lyma, but Loommi

with his wing knocks down the glass. An Eagle comes down on the floor to drink but he instantly dies. Lyma understands that she was

supposed to be killed by Guria.  In this situation Guria decides quickly to crown herself instead and to command Freen and Eagles to kill Lyma.

Suddenly all her crafty plans are destroyed by Alris's magic mirror. And all the evil of the Ice Kingdom melts away...

Sunshine appears in the sky. The Ice kingdom is transformed in to The Country of Eternal Spring. Lyma sees Alris and they declare their love

for each other.


                                                                           Happy counrty of Eternal Spring

                                                                 Princess Lyma, Alris, Loommi, Butterflies

Alris and Lyma are very happy - nothing will part them anymore. Evil and cold are now behind them. Little Loommi is smiling and happy too..

The friends hearts are together forever from now on.

                                                                                        COPYRIGHT by ALLA SIRENKO December 2000


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